Saturday, September 12, 2015

As we kick-off the 2015-2016 school year, our YAB teens answer questions about the transition to high school, partying and saying "No".

Q. How much homework do you get in high school?  Is the coursework and rigor a lot more than in middle school? 

Teens Answer:

  • Just like the amount of homework you received increased from elementary to middle school, the homework amount does increase.  However, the amount of homework you have in high school depends on the classes you choose to take.  If you choose to jump in freshman year with multiple honors classes and continue with honors and AP/IB classes through to your senior year, then you will probably have more homework than someone who chooses to take a more standard class schedule.  The KEY to NOT stressing out is to find a balance that works for you.  I suggest if you go that route, to take the honors/AP classes that YOU want to take.  The amount of work will increase but gradually.  Freshman year, teachers know that you are adjusting to high school level work, and will help you along that path.
  • High school IS harder than middle school, but it is manageable. The coursework and material is more challenging and the teachers leave it up to the students to take responsibility for their learning.  It is more of a learning curve and there are so many people (students, teachers, counselors) and resources available to help students adjust.  You just have to be aware, or ask.  Don’t let things go, make sure you ask someone if you need help.

Q.  What was your hardest part of high school?

Teens Answer:

  • The hardest part was probably stress about school and college.  It can be overwhelming at times but we all do get through it.

Q. What makes people want to do drugs?

  • A lot of different reasons.  Peer pressure…. or more of a self-pressure we tend to put on ourselves.  It’s experimenting for some.  For others, they like the way it feels OR they are trying to relieve pain, stress OR they self-diagnose themselves to take drugs to help them with bad body images, stress, anxiety or if they feel depressed.

Q.  When it comes to partying, is saying “No” hard?

Teens Answer:

  • For me saying “No” was not hard, but it’s different for everyone.  Most people don’t care if you drink or do drugs.  Like if you say “No” they just are like, “Cool, OK, well let me know if you change your mind.”  Peer pressure doesn’t exist as much anymore, it’s more the pressure we put on ourselves.  It's best to surround yourself with the right people and keep your goals in mind.



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