Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stressed about Finals? Check out these helpful YAB Study Tips!

Are you stressed with school and GPA?  Finals?  Are you mid-way to the end of the semester?  Or, just starting a new semester?  It's not easy to balance it all, but here's what some of our YAB students are doing to get through it....

10 Tips to Beat the Study Heat from the YAB:

1.) Be Proactive- Start studying a couple weeks before your final. Late night cramming will not make you do better the next morning.  Plan to study gradually so you can understand the material.
2.) Find a Study Spot- Select a quiet location without a lot of distractions (i.e. cell phones, televisions, video games, computers, etc.) and a good source of light to study for your finals. It is amazing to see the difference a proper studying location can make on how you perform on your finals. If it helps, and ONLY if it helps, study with friends. They are a good source to test your knowledge and bounce around confusing ideas to clarify in terms us students can understand easier.
REMEMBER: Studying is very individual. There is no one technique or tip that works best for everyone. Some people go over many problems over and over again, while some can just glance at their notes. Most of us are somewhere in between.
3.) Know the format of the final.  Multiple choice, essays, and short-answer questions are the go-to's for finals. Know before and you can use typical test taking tips for the format which makes what you are studying for that much easier! Teachers normally drop hints in class about what will be on the final. Pay attention in class to the way your teacher words concepts or ideas; they may come in handy on your exam. Also, more recent material will most likely appear more often on the test, but study everything nonetheless.
4.) Do the study guide(if any) assigned by teacher. They offer similar questions to the test and are a summarized source of all the information you need to know. Make sure you correctit too.
5.) Try mnemonic devices to help remember things. For example: I remember the protein functions as TED SMH (transport, enzyme, defensive, structural, mobility, hormone).
6.) Studying should always be geared to the subject:
  • For math, know your equations, formulas, and necessary uses of your calculator (if you get one).
  • For science, whether it be chemistry, physics, or biology, concepts are most important. Vocab is also a large part of understanding.
  • For foreign language, formation and sentence structure are an important focus. Vocabulary is also important, but more often than not you will always encounter words you wont know.
  • For history, dates and people are generally the most important.
7.) Take Active Breaks– It is hard to study continuously for hours on end, so take breaks as you need them, but instead of sitting down and watching television or sleeping during these breaks, keep your blood pumping to help you stay awake and focused when you return to your studying.
8.) Go to Bed Early- On the night before your final or test, do not stay up late cramming information, instead go to bed early. It is harder to recall information with a tired brain; therefore, a good night of sleep can boost your final grade. And, eat a good breakfast before any final or test.... you NEED to focus and concentrate!
9.) Remember to Breathe - If you begin feeling stressed or overwhelmed during your finals preparation, take a step back from your studying and BREATHE.  It is much harder to study and retain information with a cluttered mind.  Put on some calming music and take deep breaths. Take the time to make sure that you are fully relaxed before you get back to your studying.
10.) Remember to study safe and study smart. Good luck on your finals, we know you will do great!