Thursday, July 3, 2014

YAB Teens Are Talking About Summer Plans, the Party Scene and How Parents Can Help Teens....

YAB Teens had a busy school year and are looking forward to the summer break.  Here, they are talking about taking a break, plans and the party scene.

Q.  What are your summer plans?  And, what are you looking forward to over the summer break?

Teens Answer:

  • I’ll be busy working and preparing for college.  And, I’m looking forward to not having school!
  • I plan on hanging out with my friends and going on college tours.  I’m looking forward to having time to relax.
  • I’m doing a leadership program in Chicago, working, sleeping in… and college applications.  I’m looking forward to literally just having a break.  School is tiring.  Also, I can’t wait for our summer events;  Battle of the Bands, Movie Nights and Day on the Town!
Q.  In your opinion, what is the summer social/party scene really like for teens?  Can you go places where there isn’t the influence of alcohol or drugs?

Teens Answer:

  • It is possible to avoid.  There are many places without those influences.
  • I’m not super involved in the summer party scene, so it’s very possible.  You can go to the movies, pools, or just hang out with friends who don’t drink or do drugs.
  • Many people do bonfires, go up north, or go boating.  It is possible to have sober hang outs and common for that matter.  But people do still drink more over the summer and teens need to be careful of finding themselves in those situations. It can take just the use of one time to get into serious trouble OR to become addicted to alcohol or drugs.
Q.  What should teens do if they find themselves in a situation where others are drinking or doing drugs?

Teens Answer:

  • They should think about the many consequences of drug use and decide whether or not they are willing to accept those consequences.  It should be a personal decision.
  • If teens find themselves in a situation where others are drinking or doing drugs, they should leave so they don’t have to involved.
  • Just leave or get picked up.  That is what I do every time.  DON’T be embarrassed!
Q.  How do you think Parents can help their teen if something like this comes up?

Teens Answer:

  • Parents can help by providing their teens with different opportunities and by encouraging them to pursue a project or job over the summer.
  • Parents can help their teens by giving them a ride home or teaching them how to say “No” to others in a situation.
  • Parents should show unconditional support and always let your child know you will be calm and helpful in a bad situation. 
 Final thoughts from a YAB graduating senior:  

Q.  What is your main take away from your high school experience?  And, what will you take with you as a motto or value as your transition to college?


  • My main takeaway from high school is that the years pass very quickly and one should appreciate and take advantage of all the learning opportunities in their youth.  My goal for college is to try new things and to challenge myself.