Friday, February 28, 2014

Teens are talking about Spring Break and House Parties

What BOTH Students and Parents NEED to know….

Q.  What are your plans for break?
 Teens Answer:
  • For Spring Break my family and I are visiting colleges in New York.  I’m really looking forward to visiting NYU and Columbia University. 
  • For spring break I plan on going on vacation with my family. 
  • To RELAX.  I plan to do something that will be approved by my parents but will also be fun.
  • For spring break I will be going to tour Columbia and Yale Universities.
  • For spring break, I’m going to Disney World with my closest friends, and other places around Florida. 
 Q.  What do you do to keep busy and have fun without the influence of drugs or alcohol? 
Teens Answer:
  • Focus on my goals and doing things I am interested in and exploring new things.  
  • Lately I’ve been trying to get back into reading and working on my blog. 
  • Reading, hanging out with friends and going to the movies.
  • I hang out with my good friends that are a good influence.  I also try to stay busy.
 Q.  There are parties on the weekends, so what do you do if there is alcohol or drugs at a party you are at?
  Teens Answer:
  • Make sure that I’m making good choices, being safe and having fun.  If that’s not possible, then I leave  
  • Not partake in the use of any illegal substances
  •  I just do my own thing and refuse to use drugs or drink alcohol.
  •  I would probably leave and not touch anything. 
  • Avoid the people who are making the choice to do drugs or drink.
  •  If there is but I can’t seem to leave, I don’t condone the use, and do not use, and, try to convince others of making better choices.
 Q.  Do you think there are a lot of Parents who host parties with alcohol? 
Teens Answer:
  • Yes, of course, I know personally of instances when parents have turned a blind eye to what is going on in their home.  
  • Yes, MOST parties occur in households.
  •  When police come to a party with alcohol the students will either be convicted or let off with a warning, but the parents will most likely be prosecuted.
  •  I feel like some parents allow it but sometimes the kids’ friends’ bring it in and the parents’ don’t know how to shut it down.
  •  I know of a few – I hope they think about their actions and the consequences.
Q.  What do you think happens if the police come to a party where there is alcohol?  What happens to the students?  To the parents?
Teens Answer:
  • I know of several students who have MIP’s though I rarely hear of consequences their parents withstand.  
  • The students might get MIP’s, if they are participating in drinking.  The parents will face some legal consequences as well.
  •  Police will question the people that are there.  The students will get in trouble along with their parents. 
  •  The students deal with punishment with the law and at school -- which could be gossip and very negative.  The parents should be treated equally.  Giving minors alcohol is NOT okay, especially not a bunch of kids at a party you may not know.  
Q.  What do you think Parents NEED TO KNOW about throwing a party for their kids and their friends?
Teens Answer:
  • That there are almost always illegal substances involved.  Make sure you talk to your students and then trust that your children understand the consequences and will make good choices. 
  • They will get in trouble with the law if the police come and there is illegal activity OR if a child gets hurt in their vehicle after the party.
  •  They need to know how to stop the flow of alcohol or other drugs into the party.
  •  They need to know that THEY are responsible.  I know a Mom that hosted a party where a girl got alcohol poisoning and their daughter tried to cover it up for her parents sake.
  • That kids can make bad decisions and to make sure they know what’s going on.
  •  That it is NOT safer for kids to drink at home or with adult supervision.