Sunday, June 2, 2013

Teen Myths and Busters on Alchol and Drugs

Here’s what high school students think are the biggest myths about alcohol and marijuana use today…  and what they have to say to bust those myths.

The biggest myth is that “everyone” is does it at some point.  In reality, a very small percentage of teens use alcohol.  While it may seem like a social norm, it is not needed to have fun, to be accepted or make friends.  You will make a lot more friends by just being yourself.

A lot of teens think that only 1 drink is okay and that nothing will happen.  But, usually they just keep drinking, and make stupid choices – like driving or getting in a car with someone else who has been drinking.   All it takes is one drink to cause a lot of turmoil.
Teens don’t understand why they should wait.  They think “I’ll just drink in a few years… so why wait?”    There are many problems that come from drinking at a young age;  gateway to drinking more, can lead to other harder drug use, and the teenage brain is developing in critical areas until early 20’s.  There's the high possibility of addiction, and continued poor and risky decisions that come from alcohol and drug use in the teen years.
Teens think that they HAVE to drink at a party to have fun or be cool.    You may THINK you look cool…. but you actually just look ridiculous, especially when you posted those pictures!

Teens think, marijuana is just an herb that grows naturally…. they don’t see anything wrong with marijuana, but they really don’t know what goes into it and its harmful effects.  THC and all the 100's of chemicals that are actually processed into it.    Being high doesn’t make you look cool, just dumb, messed up, and irresponsible.  If you want to be cool, then just be yourself.