Friday, September 20, 2013

High School Teen’s Talk on Balance, Prioritizing and What’s Really Important in their Lives

Q.  Since the start of school, things are overwhelming.  How do you balance everything?

A.  I’m able to balance everything by staying organized and keeping to a schedule.  I also remind myself it’s important to be relaxed.

A.  I take time away from all of it, and make time to relax.  I ask myself if I can cut down or postpone anything, and then let people know I need help.

A. It’s always hard to balance everything that comes with the school year; homework, studying, sports, friends, extracurriculars’…  I have to really cut back on my “free time” that was always available in the summer and focus on what’s most important for me both now and in the future.

Q.  So what do you do to organize and prioritize?

A.  I keep a planner.  And, I keep things updated on my phone as well.

A.  Write everything down.  And set aside time for each event.

A.  I make a schedule for myself, based on what is most important to me.  By sticking to a schedule, I can easily accomplish all of my tasks and manage my time better.

Q.  There’s so much that seems important.  What’s most important to you in your life?

A.  I think the most important thing to me is being aware of my future and trying to take that into consideration in my choices every day.

A.  The people in my life – without them I wouldn’t have motivation or drive to succeed.

A.  I think that my family and my future are the most important to me.

Q.  What’s your influence to be drug-free?

A.  My influence to be drug-free is reminding myself that the consequences of today, could affect my tomorrow.

A.  My future.  Nothing I do should be sacrificed at the expense of my health or well-being.

A.  I like to think about my future…. 10 years from now, I will be proud to be drug-free.

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