Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry and Happy Holidays!  Here's what some of our YAB students are up to this Holiday Season.....

What are your favorite ways to celebrate the Holidays and how do you keep it fun and substance-free?

My favorite way to celebrate the Holidays is by spending time with my favorite people doing things we enjoy;  watching movies, eating really good food, and playing guitar.  Teens can have fun and be substance-free by making plans in advance to make sure it stays that way.
I like to bake Holiday cookies and go bowling on New Years Eve!

My favorite thing to do during the holidays is spend time with my family. There are tons of things for teens to do to and stay out of trouble.   Like having a New Year's Eve party with a theme.   Wii games and food and a tv to watch the ball drop.
Remember what you stand for.  It is the end of the year..... don't remember it as a mistake, focus on your family, your values and your friends.

Spending time with my family and friends.... it's great to take some time out of our busy lives and appreciate what we have.

From the Youth Action Board to you, we wish you a very Happy Holiday and all the best for a safe and Happy New Year! 


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